How to Conquer Fleeting Feelings & Act Rationally

One question, one answer. An eight word shift to success through rationality.

“What am I feeling?”

“I accept I feel…”

These eight words have recently changed my life.

Someone close to me (“X”) has suffered from anxiety for years to the point of being medicated and committed. Instead of having fleeting feelings, they were emotionally anchored in a dismal swamp of despair.

Having learned meditation and participated in a variety of transformational, mindfulness, listening, and self improvement regimes, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my emotions.

The new challenge I faced was not about me, it was…

That’s why we invested.

Nusrat Sanghamitra, CyGenica CEO and co-founder.

By: Bill Liao, SOSV General Partner

Cells have walls and doors. What if you could teleport anything you like through the walls?

Modern medicine relies on a huge variety of strategies to get drugs into living cells in the body.

These methods have so far got one or other significant drawbacks. This is particularly true for RNA and DNA therapies.

Getting into the right cell without damaging anything and without triggering an immune system alarm is tough.

The entire field is called delivery or molecular delivery. The methods of delivery are as exotic as they are diverse. From live viruses…

By: Bill Liao, SOSV General Partner

Whether the meat industry’s environmental footprint is as big or as bad as has been mooted in the popular press is no reason to detract from the benefits of cruelty free meat.

And if you, like I, love animals, the guilty secret of many of our beloved pets is that they are the beneficiaries of a cruelty filled and wasteful industrial meat industry. We are a long way away from the native hunter thanking an animal for giving its life to the tribe and wasting nothing.


Climate change may cause fatal drowsiness.

So you don’t care about and or believe in climate change? Ok then what about being slowly poisoned? Can you get that?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not just a so greenhouse gas, in high enough concentrations it’s poisonous to humans like you and you can measure for yourself that Carbon Dioxide levels in the air you breathe every second have risen.

Back in 1958 you could go outside for a breath of fresh air and the air would indeed be fresher than indoors because there was less Carbon Dioxide in it. …

This is your mind on worry!

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
— Corrie ten Boom

The worry ninja life hack!

Of all the useless things we do, worry has to be right up there with procrastination as one of the ultimate worthless time burners. On average, people worry two hours a day… that’s half a day per week! Many feel they have no choice but to worry and are owned by these demonic mental twins, which are actually not mental, but chemical.

Having been bullied mercilessly at school, I know what anxiety is, and am no stranger to worry. …

Often the motivational among us will say: “You can let the world happen to you, or you can happen to the world!” The sharp end of this stick is how you handle and or permit failure.

Take ownership of the fail and you can learn from it, overcome it, and even grow from it. Or you can make excuses.

Many people the world over literally die from excuses. Sure, it might take time for their excuses to kill them off—nearly every heart attack is years in the making.

Sometimes the excuses are so dumb that the death caused is nearly…

Capital has a kind of waterfall, globally, that goes something like this;

Limited Partners — Family offices, High Net Worth Individuals, Trusts, Pension Funds, Fund of Funds, Other accredited investors.

General Partners — Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds

Companies — Startups, Growth Companies, Limited Profit Companies, Public Companies

The money tends to flow down from the Limited Partners through a General partner (who manages the investments) into companies that actually create and build value.

What flows back from the companies is most often equity or shares in the businesses. With this equity flows power.

Much has been…

“Ironically, humorously, yet sadly, ‘listening,’ has become ‘disruptive’ to communication. And therein lies the great opportunity when you do it correctly.”
- Dr. Mark Goulston, Just Listen

Psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion (1897–1979) famously said that the purest form of listening is to listen without memory or desire. When you listen with memory, you trap the person you’re listening to in an old personal agenda.

When you listen with desire, you are tying that same person to a present or future personal agenda. When we “listen” with an agenda (as all of us do every day), we disrupt and hinder true conversation.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen someone lose an audience by starting their pitch with their company name, some inane pleasantry, or worst of all “Umm…” (One of my personal sins is “So…” )

You only have a couple of seconds to grab people’s attention these days before they stop listening to you and start fiddling with their smartphone. No matter how much you love your new company name, it is not going to keep their eyes up and their ears open.

You need to hit them hard with an interesting first word or phrase and…

Biology is accelerating exponentially, even outpacing Moore’s law. This is generating, still largely hidden, seismic sized waves that will impact our lives before we know it.

We have selected some key trends that we have noticed through our startup accelerators that we think have legs in 2018.

Trend 1: Real Time Genetics

In November 2016, there was. an air of anticipation amongst a team of Chinese researchers and doctors at West China Hospital in Chengdu as they prepared to inject an unnamed patient with a CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing complex from Streptococcus pyogenes as part of a clinical trial to attempt to treat that patient’s aggressive…

Bill Liao

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